In her flaws

Rubies and sapphires are hidden in places that only certain people who are willing and sincere to find them , mine to get them. They are always is places that no one wants to go.

Just like us … Only efforts of people who cares will find something beautiful in her flaws .
People who wants to know and accept her fully , no matter who she is or who she was ….
And not people who will judge by how she looks or behaves … Cause there’s always reasons why she’s like that.

Just like Belle , who found the gentle , loving and sweet side of The Beast who was hot tempered and ugly . She found the beautiful side of him ….

That is why i always hope , there is someone out there , who is willing to go through my flaws and know the real me .

Someone who will be here beside me guiding me as i try to fix and find myself .. Cause i miss her , the real me

Triffiana Rose J.
19 th July 2014
1:33 am

Last Breath

A hole that can never be closed

A puzzle piece that can’t be found

A crack that can’t be fixed

The memories that is not erasable

Time flies , that 7 years gone by

Things changed , but never the memories

It’s never enough to complete me

I was so young , when you left

It was blurry at that time

I wish was old enough

To cherish the last moments


To be there when you let your last breath go …

Loving every inch of his face while observing him ….. But it hurts like f*ck knowing that in reality you can’t him like how you wanted….

He’s single
He’s funny
He’s cute
He’s perfect

But … He’s too good looking to be mine …. We’re not on the same level

He’s in my clique where we hang out most of the time …

He sits directly opposite of me during practical classes …

So it’s hard for me to focus….

Everyday we are getting more and more distanced ….

I miss everyone even though they’re here.

I want my family back …..

I want to witnessed the happy moments

I want to enjoy the jokes we had

I want to be smiling when i see us bonding

You are all leaving without realizing …

It’s like we’re no longer family …

The knot we had is long gone and untied ….

Each of you are having your own individual fun while i’m here spending my tears missing on how much i missed US.

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You like him but you don’t

It’s like

You like him but there’s something that makes you think you don’t but you do.

Cause it’s either,

Your bestfriend likes him too

He’s way too good looking for you

He has a girlfriend

He’s too pure for you

It’s hard to say you don’t like him but deep inside you do .

When he look at you in the eyes but you’re too awkward and looked away

When he came up to you and your heart skips a beat.

When he smile you can’t help but internally screaming.

When he text you and suddenly your mood changes ,even when you’re very angry

When he cared for you in a way that only you realized behind all of his joke

When he call your name , and your cheeks becomes crimson red and ur face heats up …

That is obvious enough for you to know that you do like him 💕

Triffiana Rose J.

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5sos probably

  • [at lukes wedding]
  • priest : do you,luke robert hemmings take y/n as your lawfully wedded wife?
  • luke : i [sniffles] d-
  • michael : dont be such a pussy luke
  • calum : hey thats my line! im the best man im the one who should say that you fucking twat
  • luke : guys can you just shut the fuck up
  • ashton : dont swear
  • luke,michael,calum : shut up ash
  • y/n : why. is this happening.
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