A picture reminds you how he looks like , but it’s never same compared to when he’s right in front of you.

I’m here for you … Always here for you. My ears are always listening, my shoulder is always ready for you to lean on and my hand is always reaching for you ….

I can be your punching bag
I can be numb just for you
I can be strong for you
I can be here for you

I just need you to let it go and

Stay Strong

Love you Always

The Stars , The Moon & The Sun

When you feel your world is getting darker, look up to the sky and imagine the universe.


The universe is dark always dark but the Stars is still twinkling and the moon reflecting light from the Sun giving the Universe the light to show it’s beauty.

You have to move on and light up your own world giving it it’s beauty to be brighter for you to go on.

If the stars is not enough to light up the universe , there is the Moon and the Sun.

If you can’t light up your own world , you have your family and friends to help .